The Days We Ran in the Desert – National Poetry Month – 4

The Days We Ran in the Desert We carried pebbles under our tongues as we ran. Our father told us They’d keep us safe from cottonmouth. Keep thirst from breaking our stride. We sweated down cattle trails and old dirt roads and became dehydrated dizzy and ... Read more »

Terminal Velocity – National Poetry Month – 3

Terminal Velocity The bullet cracks when breaking the sound barrier. I've wondered about this. A barrier. A point where sound is left behind like kids running after a school bus. The bullet flies in silence, outpacing its own hummingbirds buzz - faster than the report of its departure. ... Read more »

We, Brothers, We – National Poetry Month – 2

We, Brothers, We For my brothers Barefoot, we three boys run through, the desert playing at war. In our ragged jeans and bare-chested, brandishing mesquite branches for rifles, we appear a lost tribe, fighting the onslaught of the 20th century and not the modern army we imagine ourselves ... Read more »

Venus in Retrograde – National Poetry Month – 1

Venus in Retrograde The girls and I drive east, Sunrise like a creamsicle, spread only the way a desert can make it, edged between jagged mountains and the freezer blue of a sky, failing before day. The half-light ripples the frost on the dry ... Read more »

A Book Trailer! WTF?

It seems counterintuitive that a book trailer can sell books. I mean we book readers are supposed to linger over the shelves in bookshops, peruse the back cover or read the product information at online booksellers, we read the reviews, ... Read more »

Book Trailer

Hello all. Yes. I am going to make a book trailer for my forthcoming fiction collection from SFA Press. Maybe I'll make more than one. It is a collection after all. I will journal the process and post snippets as we ... Read more »

Writing, Fighting Fire, and Your Pal, Jerry

Dear Readers: I just read a review about my memoir, Ahead of the Flaming Front: A Life on Fire, which I quote as it appears: If you are going to read memoirs about fire fighters, here are the two you must start ... Read more »

We Were the Young Americans

We get the news of celebrities dying on a steady basis. After all celebrity culture has been around long enough and has grown large enough to sustain a steady stream of faces into the In Memoriam slide show at any ... Read more »

Getty Inspired

My joy at finding one of my photos had been selected for the #GettyInspired blog was like that of a sailor reaching shore after a long time at sea. I first went to the Getty Villa sometime in the early 90s. ... Read more »

Tricking Memory with a Radio Interview on Boise Public Radio

My first Public Radio interview aired and I heard about it first from my good friend Craig. I'd been interviewed because my memoir, Ahead of the Flaming Front: A Life on Fire, won the North American Book Award. Craig and ... Read more »

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