Poems at Rabid Oak

Enjoy these poems of mine published at Rabid Oak. I am honored that editors find my work worthy to publish. It is also a good sign for literature that small independent editors have the will to read through submissions, and ... Read more »


Daylight Savings Time, Falling Back – Poem

Daylight Savings Time, Falling Back Jeremiah said, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” It’s not that the nights are so ... Read more »

When you walk on a winter day

When you walk on a winter day you turn the corner, and the afternoon sun catches you against the wall. Sure, ice patches the road and slush still fills the gutters, but you feel the late season warmth fall on you like a long ... Read more »


Before First Light – National Poetry Month – 9

Before First Light Not even the stars shine through the window when I awake – tilted from some surreal dreamscape. I reach into the emptiness beside me, think you’re in the bathroom. I stare into the darkness until the cat jumps on me. She kneads my chest. The purr ... Read more »

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