A Flower for the Post-Apocalypse — Photo and Poem

Black-eyed Susans
A Flower for the Post-Apocalypse –


What’s the use of Genesis without Revelation? 

But not the sudden springing 

of life from a breath or the sudden fury 

of an angry God, no. The long drawn 

out becoming over millions of years 

to bring us a flower 

that grows well in the margins of bulldozed 

lands and carved trails cut through 

suburban empires. And a revelation, 

not a bang and not a whimper, 

but a decades-long sigh like the last breath 

of the last lonely human, no doubt praying 

to the deaf universe. Too late, 

but the world goes on. After our 

extinction, I like to think of bright yellow 

flowers and how they’ll appear pale  

and white in the twilight as if covered in the ash 

of burnt offerings that couldn’t save us. 

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