Book Trailer

Hello all.
Yes. I am going to make a book trailer for my forthcoming fiction collection from SFA Press. Maybe I’ll make more than one. It is a collection after all. I will journal the process and post snippets as we go along. So stay tuned.
Shipwrecks and Other Stories is slated for a September 22, 2016 release.
In Shipwrecks and Other Stories we read of men and women struggling in love and longing, adultery and addiction, between staying in a place and moving on, all the while trying to rediscover who they are in a world in flux. Readers search the desert for a beloved mule with the grandson of a hard rock miner. We go for a swim with an obese woman who finds courage by breaking into a closed public pool. We are abandoned with an exiled Guatemalan Special Forces Major and his family on the US-Mexico border when he discovers smugglers trafficking kidnapped girls and faces the decision to attempt to rescue the girls or ignore them and not risk his own family’s safety. We stand in a rainy night with a commercial fisherman, still reeling from an accident at sea, as he finds hope in the skeleton of a ship that will never float. A hunter tracks the mountains for a wounded elk as he comes to terms with economic changes and having to leave the place he grew up. Two women confront each other about the affairs they had with each other’s husbands. In the Meadow Award winning novella, “Still Life,” a paramedic spirals into the Las Vegas drug underworld after accidentally killing a girl, but still struggles to do something good. These and other characters haunt the fringes of their own lives and society as they seek identity and something steady in changing times. They are all shipwrecked, hoping to rescue themselves.

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