Into the Desert I Go – Intro

The first maps and a notebook.

I’ve struggled a long time to tell stories, important stories. I keep coming back to the desert, both where I grew up and where I’ve worked, remote areas miles from any home. What is it that keeps drawing me back? I keep thinking I will discover it through different projects, but something always lacks. I don’t know. I’ve long wanted to make a film and have made some shorts or have been the writer and general helper on a couple. I always felt limited in what I could do with the equipment and time that I had to dedicate to such a project. Plus, there was always my lack of confidence that anyone would want to hear what I had to say or self-consciousness about myself and ability as a filmmaker. But as I was watching a documentary about documentaries, Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary, Werner Herzog’s words came back to me. Into the desert I go.

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