Publishing and Heading to NYC

Tomorrow morning I’m headed to the Big Apple to participate in a symposium on publishing first books.  I am excited to be a part of this and to make it sweeter is that it’s put on by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.  I like that I can give back in some small way.  But I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject and the one thing that keeps coming back to me is what Claire Davis said to me one night.  “Persistence.  Keep at it and don’t give up.”   Sure, mad skills, contacts, and luck would all be sweet to have, but without persistence …

I should add, fire in the belly, but then I repeat myself.

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  1. Words I need, Jerry. The fire has turned to barely there embers. Persistence is non-existent. I wish I was able to write. I feel dry. But perhaps I’ll be back some day.

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