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Hey Eclipse Fans:

I’ve been studying the hell out of maps, photography, and of course eclipse websites and books.
First off, I ordered two Full Aperture (Solarlite) filters for each of our zoom lenses from Thousand Oaks Optical. After a bit of searching and a phone call or two, these seemed our best option for cost and durability. I wanted to give them a look in person and thought I’d make some time to drive down to Thousand Oaks, California, where it seemed likely they’d be, but nope. They’re located in Kingman, Arizona. They get good reviews and have history, so I measured the outer diameter of the lens, chose the ones I needed, and clicked away. I also ordered a box of eclipse glasses while I was at it. The smallest order we could place was a box of 35, but hey, better have a few extra on hand.
As my youngest said, “Better have some spares because no one wants a pinhole burn to the eye.”
I know this isn’t exhaustive, but here are some helpful links to maps, weather, and general curiouser and curiouser information:

Tour the Great American Eclipse. Powered by ESRI: The Science of Where (Thanks to Joaquin Baldwin for this one and its accurate duration lines).

Interactive Map made by Xavier M. Jubier.



Here are three links for eclipse photography:


Lens Rentals Blog (Thanks to Chris Huddleston for sending this my way).

Eclipse 2017

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